What is the meaning of PONSIST?

PONS is an interesting word in the medical world. 

The word originates from Latin and translates to 'bridge' or 'passage way'.

In medicine it refers to the part of the brainstem that is intermediate between the medulla oblongata and the mesencephalon and is composed of a ventral part and the tegmentum (Pons Varolii).
It’s also used in a more general way to describe a bridgelike formation connecting two disjoined parts of a structure or an organ.


The suffix -IST is used in the english language to describe ‘one who’ or ’a person who does’.
Combined together it creates the new word, PONSIST. 


Our interpretation of the word is One Who Connects. 

We feel that this covers all our objectives in the most simple way. 

You are free to give it your own value such as the one who creates bridges, the thing that joins us together or maybe even being the crucial part of something bigger.

Why did PONSIST get started?

The creation of PONSIST is based on two thoughts;

Decades of working with surgeons led to a substantial awareness that they face many challenges and the pressure to perform is never fading. 

Still surgeons need to keep up with the latest techniques and stay on top of their performance.

In an ever evolving landscape, time is never a good friend.

PONSIST sprung from the desire to support surgeons in the most time efficient way possible by being the actual bridge that carries and delivers insights, the latest news and best practices from peer to peer all around the world. Delivered in an easy package to your screen and in real time.


PONSIST is also a direct response to the overcommercialising the medical world in general, but especially the strong commercialisation of online personal details and privacy.
Not only can such actions be harmful to individuals, but more simply put these companies are selling your trust and we think that this crosses a line.

We strongly believe that it’s not okay to collect personal details to sell them. We feel that tracking your behaviour to create high profitable commercial profiles is just not right.


Only when new leadership steps up and builds a solid business foundation and installs sound core values, changes are made. PONSIST does exactly that.

When did PONSIST get started?

PONSIST was designed and built throughout 2018 and launched on November 15, 2018.


Who is behind PONSIST?

PONSIST is founded by Alinda Jansen. You can find out more about her on the About Page.

This includes a video message so you can see the face behind this concept.

What is the mission of PONSIST?

Being aware the anyone at any point in their lives may need the help of a surgeon, the main driver at PONSIST is to support those every day hero’s. 

PONSIST is on a dedicated mission to assist surgeons on their continuous quest for knowledge, to aid in gathering wisdom, to support surgeons in reaching their envisioned goals and to simplify the way to get where you need to be.


What is the vision of PONSIST?

Upon creating PONSIST it soon became clear that the possibilities are almost endless when thinking about the future of the platform.

PONSIST will remain the Global Surgical Society in its core and faces a bright future in terms of development tools, easy access to local projects and patient management.
We envision the digital future to be open and honest.

Who has created this platform?

PONSIST is designed and developed by Tiron Graphics.
Led by Dutch professionals and based in the United Arab Emirates, they form an international team of creative and very skilled young talent.
PONSIST and Tiron Graphics have built a solid, trustworthy and long term relationship.

What does Unsponsored mean?

Unsponsored means that PONSIST has never received money from third parties or investors. The initial set up is entirely funded out of personal pocket. So no advertisements, no commercial influences and no investors.

PONSIST is maintained and developed through the support of its members.


What does Non Commercial mean?

Non Commercial means that PONSIST never had financial support or relations with commercial parties. PONSIST is free of advertisements and holds no commercial messages or a hidden agenda.


How is PONSIST different from any other medical communities, medical websites or social media?

PONSIST allows you to meet peers around the globe from behind your desk. So your reach will increase tremendously and extends far beyond your current network.


Anything inside the platform is not public and is only accessible to verified members. The content is not accessible for web crawlers or index robots either. 

This means that whatever you share on PONSIST is only visible to other verified and subscribed surgeons. Allowing for leveled discussions with like minded professionals.


The biggest differentiator of PONSIST is the fact that it’s not sponsored by third parties and PONSIST does not collaborate with any commercial parties, it’s solely supported from within. Here lies our autonomy. 

Should you still have doubts about our intentions; this means that any reason to collect and sell your data or any reason to influence your thoughts is annihilated.



Who can join PONSIST?

PONSIST is for surgeons only, but as soon as you start your surgical residency you can apply for access. This means that medical students will not be granted access upon application.

Retired surgeons are very welcome to join, in fact your presence is highly valuable to the world because of your vast experience.

How do I join PONSIST?

Click the yellow button that says Apply for Access and fill out the application form.

Keep in mind that the actual verification process is not an automated process and requires time to complete. That means that it can some time before you are cleared.
The process itself is rather strict, but you can help by filling out as many requested details as possible.


How do you verify me?

PONSIST performs background checks to verify individuals. This will be based on the combination of the details you will be required to provide upon applying for access.

You will not be able to enter the platform before this verification is complete. The verification process is not an automated process and requires time to complete. We strive to complete the process on the same day, however may take longer.

Should we encounter any difficulties when reviewing your application we will contact you directly.

Why is it necessary to be verified?

Unfortunately there are people that claim to be a surgeon who aren’t. 

There will also be people interested in finding a way in for various reasons. The verification process is installed to keep anyone that isn’t a surgeon out so we can make sure you are amongst surgical colleagues and friends.


How much does it cost to be a member of PONSIST?

We have put an honest and straight forward business model in place; Funding maintenance and development of this amazing platform is done by our members pitching in.
Individuals support our Society with the intentional low amount of $ 3,99 per month.
This is how we keep it advertisement free and without any external influences.

Why do I need to pay to be a member?

PONSIST uses a completely different business model. It doesn’t have any financial resources from external or third parties. PONSIST is unsponsored and will not collect or sell your data. It is uncommercial and doesn’t use advertisements or commercial parties.

Individual members each support a tiny bit of the costs to maintain and further develop the Global Surgical Society. ($3,99 per month)


Why should I join PONSIST?

As a surgeon you are always pressured. Pressure to perform. Pressured for time. Pressured by management. Pressured to have an answer to just about anything in your field of expertise.

At the same time the demands for administrative tasks keep increasing, you’re still trying to maintain a personal life and you need to keep track of the latest research results or learning a new technique as well as staying on top of the most recent developments.

PONSIST isn’t a magic wand that whisks all that pressure away, but it sure is the easiest source of finding information within your surgical field. It saves time to have the best insights or the smartest tricks delivered to you. Even better, PONSIST has a global reach. So at any given time, day or night, there will be peers available to thing along with you. All you have to do is reach out.


I’m not a surgeon, but I am a Health Care Professional, can I join the community?

PONSIST is a purely surgical community.


I am a medical student, can I join PONSIST?

As soon as you start your surgical training, you can apply for access. If you are still in Med school, you need to have some patience before you can access to the platform.
And remember, you're not studying to pass an exam. You're studying because one day you'll be the only thing standing between your patient and the grave. Keep grinding and see you soon.


I work at a pharmaceutical or medical device company, can I join PONSIST?

PONSIST is made solely for surgeons and prides itself in being unsponsored and non commercial.

Therefor Pharmaceutical or Medical device companies are not able to join PONSIST.


Why should I trust PONSIST?

This is a simple and valid question, but difficult to answer.


Trust isn’t something to be taken lightly and your scepticism is fully understandable. Especially because we are aware that so many companies as well as individuals have already proven to not be very trustworthy after all. 

If you explore every inch of this website and that includes our policies on the bottom of the page, you will soon discover that PONSIST takes three things extremely serious;
your privacy, your online safety and your trust.


By all means, draw your own conclusions; read Our Agreement, which is more than just Terms and Conditions, read the Cookies & Privacy Policy, see who’s behind PONSIST, do your homework. And then decide for yourself if PONSIST deserves your trust.


Should you have other questions that aren’t covered to your satisfaction, feel free to send an email directly to the PONSIST founder at [email protected]


I would like to make use of your surgical network, can we collaborate?

That highly depends, if you are looking to buy personal details of surgeons or if you are looking for a way to promote your products to surgeons, you didn’t come to the right place.
If you have a different angle, feel free to contact us at [email protected] and tell us how you'd like to collaborate.



How does PONSIST work?

PONSIST shares posted content in a specific specialty or interest area to anyone in the world with that same specialty or interest area. The content is created and shared only by members. That content can be case discussions, sharing insights and practical tips, the latest news, publications or requests for support to name a few options.


Apart from this News timeline PONSIST provides you with a second timeline called Affiliations.

The Affiliations timeline is used to set up any peer collaboration. Think of it as a notice board that you use for anything you want to work on with colleagues, such as international trials or research, surgical training visits or even peer to peer learning sessions.


What can I do at PONSIST?

You can share insights with peers to support their development, you can consult with your colleagues, you can share your personal experiences, you can benefit from the learnings of others, you can request for assistance or expertise, you can increase the numbers of patients in a trial or extend your research internationally.

You can get so much out of PONSIST that will positively impact your practice. It’s made for surgeons and it’s fed by surgeons. 


Why is this for surgeons only?

Although you as a surgeon work with many other Healthcare professionals, its safe to say that surgery is in a league of its own. With specific challenges and specific questions that only other surgeons can really relate to. PONSIST provides you with a highly specialised environment that covers those exact challenges you may face.


How safe and secure is PONSIST?

From our side, PONSIST uses servers that keep high security levels and all data is send and transfered in end-to-end encryption using SSL. Secure Socket Layer (SSL), otherwise known as Transport Layer Security (TLS), the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) officially standardized version of SSL, is the most widely used transport-level data-communication protocol providing Authentication (the communication is established between two trusted parties), Confidentiality (the data exchanged is encrypted), Message integrity (the data is checked for possible corruption), Secure key exchange between client and server.

Our servers are compliant with the EU Data Protection Directive and to manage privacy and security-related concerns it's compliant with several compliance programs including ISO 27001:2005 and HIPAA. Our servers are certified to the Health Information Trust Alliance Common Security Framework (HITRUST - CSF)


However, PONSIST still needs you to comply with the privacy rights of your patient. Meaning that you are responsible for anonymising personal details, pictures or videos of your patients.


It is very important to use a strong and unique password as well as not sharing it with others.


For your convenience, read the tips that will help you to create a strong password in our Security Advice.


Why isn’t PONSIST a public community?

Privacy is of extreme importance. Not only your personal privacy, but also the privacy of your patients. It doesn’t make sense to put the delicate healthcare topics out on the web for anyone to see it.
That’s why PONSIST is a closed and safe environment, it's like a vault and you can only access that vault after our verification process.


How can I trust that you don’t use, sell or commercialise my details and data?

The entire set up of PONSIST is based on earning your trust and functions as a direct reply to the misdeeds of online companies that have abused the trust of their members.

Please take the time to read the Our Agreement section as well as our Cookies & Privacy Policy and About section to get all the information.
Then decide for yourself if PONSIST deserves your trust.


Can I upload anything without worrying about privacy?

Even though PONSIST is a closed environment and will only be entered by verified surgeons, we believe privacy is a basic right of all humans.
PONSIST urges her members to respect this at all times as well.
Therefor make sure that you honour your patients trust in you. Respect their privacy by anonymising their details.


Can I automatically upload my profile from a different social network when applying for acces?

Technically this is very easy to set up for you and perhaps you feel that linking your existing would save a lot of time.
The reason why we choose to not offer this service has a lot to do with being autonomous and everything with respecting privacy. We can't guarantee or control what other website do with such a connection and we like to play it safe.


Can I invite other to join?

You sure can! The more surgeons, the merrier. Every surgeon that uses PONSIST holds valuable information and experience that is potentially groundbreaking to others.

Help spread the word, talk about it, send your peers the link so they can check it out themselves.
We appreciate your enthusiasm dearly!

Can I refer to this community on my website or on my social media profile?

Yes, you can share the weblink anywhere.

No need to worry about anyone that follows the link since it will only land you on the public pages and not inside the platform.

Your effort is appreciated dearly!


Can I use your logo in my presentation?

Yes, you can use our logo and brandmark as long as you promise not to change or alter it in any way. 

Drop us an email on [email protected] and we will send you proper high resolutions files you can use.


Can I use or repost articles or content outside of PONSIST?

PONSIST does not own the content of articles posted by members, the individual member holds all  rights. 

In reference to our Society Code please don’t take it upon yourself to use the work of others. Always be courteous and respectful to your peers and ask permission to use their content outside of PONSIST.

I'd like to do more to support PONSIST. What can I do?

We are very pleased you are willing to help us!

The simplest way to support our Society is to spread the word for us by telling your respected peers about PONSIST.
You can do it old fashioned by talking about it or you can use other social media platforms that you have an account for.

We are happy to give you some picture files you can use. Just send a request to [email protected]

If you wish to make a financial donation you can become a PONSIST Patron.
Please contact our founder directly at [email protected]


Can I advice peers on my favourite products?

Yes, of course you are allowed to tell the world about your favourite products and why they work so well for you. 

There’s a big difference in talking about experiences and actively promoting the use of certain items. We value personal opinions, but PONSIST is not meant to be used for commercial activities of any kind. 


Can I connect to my peers?

PONSIST is based on specialty and interest so there’s no need to build your own network within this network.
However you can reach out to anyone and send them a personal message by clicking on their name. This will land you on their personal page and at the top you’ll see to send them a personal message.


What is the Affiliations section and how do I use it?

This is an amazing extra timeline that works slightly different to your newsfeed.

Affiliations are meant to set up collaborations around to world. You can use it to set up an international trial or set up a cross border research.You can use it for anything where you need a team of people to work on together.

But you can also use it to host your own Visiting Surgeon Programs or Live Surgery Events, to name a few options.


I’m not (only) getting topics that fit my interest, what should I do?

Check you subscription list on the right side to see what you are subscribed to. 
When you click 'Manage' you can make changes to the topics you wish to receive.


I discovered a post that is in the wrong surgical specialty. Where do I report this?

You can do two things, you can mention this to the posting colleague yourself in a personal message (which is probably the nicer thing to do) or you can report the post and choose the option ‘posted in the wrong category’ and let us handle it.

Either way your help to keep things neat is appreciated.


Some users have an extra symbol in there profile. What do they mean?

That circled P-symbol means that member holds a special status within our Society.

It is given to recognise our respected members of the PONSIST Advisory Board.
These are surgeons that play a key advisory role to the Executive Director.

It is given to recognise our Pioneers.
These are the surgeons that tested the system before the official launch. They are also the surgeons that created the first content available.

It is given to recognise the members that are Perfect Peers.
They are surgeons that are actively involved in the Society or they gained a lot of peer appreciation.

Last, but not least, it is given to PONSIST Patrons.
They are members who have supported our Society with a financial donation.