Society Code

Thank you for being an esteemed member of PONSIST Global Healthcare Society. 

We truly appreciate your presence and contributions!


Please read through the Society Code to understand our behavioural expectations from you as a member of the Society.
Your use of PONSIST reflects your agreement to adhere to Our Agreement, our Policies and the Society Code.


If you have concerns that something on the platform violates Our Agreement, our Policies and/or the Society Code, you may report this to us.


We will review every report to determine if something violates Our Agreement, our Policies and/or the Society Code. Content found in violation may be edited or removed and disciplinary action may be taken against the violating member, including account suspension or deactivation. The decision taken by PONSIST is final and solely at its discretion. 

Please note that we do not moderate discussions and members who abuse our report tool will be disciplined up to and including deactivation of their account.

We welcome you to:

Make the most out of this incredible platform

Have constructive discussions, challenge each other, bring the best out in someone, share your work and your thoughts, ask questions, provide answers, ask for help, collaborate, inspire and stimulate.


Remember that everyone you encounter within PONSIST is your medical colleague 

Treat your colleagues with the respect and politeness they deserve, like you would do in real life.


Complete your profile with as many details as you are willing to share

Most colleagues love reading more about others as individuals and will appreciate viewing your publications.


Share anonymised patient cases

Images are very useful when you are seeking support or sharing information. Remember to honour your patient’s privacy at all times, even within our closed and private society. Images or documents found with identity revealing information will be removed and disciplinary action may be taken.

PONSIST is not responsible for any legal obligation arising out of any relevant law in any jurisdiction due to sharing anonymised or non-anonymised patients’ cases by any member.


Communicate in English

The language of communication within PONSIST is restricted to English only.


Be supportive of each other

Being a Healthcare Professional is far from easy. By all means, don’t make it harder on each other. PONSIST is a safe, respectful and professional environment for Healthcare Professionals. Do anything you can to help keep it that way.


Be aware of and respectful to sensitive topics such as religion, politics or sexual orientation

Respect that there are different beliefs, habits and behavioural styles throughout the world. 

Any sort of discrimination or abuse on grounds of personal beliefs or sexual orientation can lead to the suspension or deactivation of the violating member’s account.


Always ask permission to use someone’s content outside of PONSIST

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all content shared belongs to the individual posting or sharing it. If you wish to use the content outside of PONSIST, you need to get explicit permission of the concerned member. 

Failing to do so is a serious offence.


Appreciate and/or comment the work of others

Below every post you’ll find an artistic impression of a wax seal. You can click this to express your appreciation for someone’s work like giving your seal of approval. Leaving a comment easily starts interesting conversations.


Enjoy using PONSIST Global Healthcare Society

It’s here for you, dear HCP. Learn, share, ask, support, teach, collaborate, discuss, and interact as much as you want. 


Be the teacher and the student.

Because Sharing Knowledge Improves Wisdom



Refrain from:


Promoting hate, discrimination or violence,


Posting content that would need to be reported to law enforcement,


Engaging in commercial promotions. If you’re pleased with certain products you can of course share your enthusiasm, but actual commercial promotion or advertising is not appreciated,


Pretending to be someone else,


Sharing whole or parts of private messages anywhere,


Harassing other members,


Being unsupportive and/or mean,


Using offensive language.




For any questions, concerns or suggestions about our Society Code, you can get in touch with us by email at [email protected]